Presentation formats

The organising committee is pleased to accept the following presentation formats:

•    Papers
•    Workshops
•    Round tables
•    Posters

The different presentation formats are outlined below:

a)    Paper

Paper sessions are oral presentations, followed by a discussion with the audience. The time allowed for each paper, including the presentation and discussion, is 20-30 minutes. It is important that papers have a strong practical implication for one of the conference themes and are based on empirical data, or they will not be accepted. Proposals based on ideas that have not been thoroughly tested yet or lesson plans for developing thinking skills are very suitable for Round Table or Poster sessions.

b)    Workshop

Workshops are interactive presentations that last 45-60 minutes, with strong involvement of participants. Each workshop should demonstrate one or several aspects of teaching thinking in a specified context. Workshop proposals must include extended summaries that clearly describe what the facilitator wants to focus and how it will be achieved.

c)    Round table

Round table sessions offer opportunities of a more discursive exploration of proposed topics. This may well involve discussion of an idea or work in progress.  The presenter explains the idea and possible issues around it, and invites the participants to help to discuss emerging questions or to solve possible problems. This format is particularly suitable for practitioners who have recently started working on bringing creativity and thinking skills in their work. It may also be a good context for students to discuss their research in progress. Teachers are particularly welcome to share and discuss their lesson plans for thinking lessons in this format. Managers and policy makers are encouraged to share their plans and ongoing projects in quality assurance for organising thinking based learning. Families can use this format for sharing personal experience on one of the topics of the strand.
All round table presentations will be grouped according to the theme. The presenter will have about 15-20 minutes for the presentation and discussion of his/her proposal.

d)    Poster

Interactive poster sessions visually present a particular method or technique for developing creativity and thinking skills and the results of their application. There will be a special slot allocated to poster sessions. The audience will be freely moving from poster to poster and the authors will have an opportunity to discuss their work with interested participants. Suggested format for the poster is A1. The authors are strongly encouraged to read some advice on poster preparation, for example here.

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