Conference venue

Riga is a beautiful city with an exciting and long history. It was founded in 1201 by the German bishop Albert. Until early 20th century very few episodes in the history of Riga lack German presence. Its very name bear distinct northern German influence – from local Rija (place for warehouses) to Riga. Once considered the province of Germany and an important Hansa city, Riga had privillege to house Herder, Glick, Lizt, Wagner and many more.

Different times left different landmarks and stories of German,  Swedish, Polish and Russian cultures. Its narrow streets will bring you from the House of the Great Guild, through statue of Bremen Musicians, to the ancient knight castle of Livonian Order; from Lutheran churches of the Dome and St. Peter's to the German Theatre...

Witness the story of Medieval life of Hansa Union with its merchantile hassle, religious searches and eternal zeal for freedom!

The conference venue is Radisson Blu Daugava hotel. It is centrally located on the bank of the Daugava river right opposite the Old Town.The hotel is close to the business, shopping, governmental and entertainment areas of Riga. The Riga International airport is just 20 minutes drive away. Special conference rate will be arranged for all the participants staying at the hotel.

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