Sponsorship & support

Sponsoring TA Teachers Conference provides a large list of benefits to your company. It also demonstrates your commitment to the development of thinking skills in education. Each sponsor will receive the recognition of the support before, during and after the conference, complimentary tickets to conference events and a range of additional acknowledgment opportunities.

You can contribute to supporting the conference in one or several ways outlined below. 

Supporting conference delegates
Although the conference fee is kept to the minimum in comparison with similar events, it may still be rather high for some groups of potential participants (e.g. school teachers). We invite you to support these participants by covering their registration fees and / or contributing to travel and accommodation expenses. This can be done in a number of different ways:

    • support on an institutional basis, eg an organisation covers the costs of its members taking part / presenting at the conference;
    • support on the regional basis, eg local municipality covers the costs for educational professionals from the region taking part / presenting at the conference;
    • support on the professional basis, eg a professional association introducing grants for its members to take part / present at the conference.

Supporting conference theme

We plan to address the topic of thinking in the curriculum from various vantage points: experience of a specific country or region, thinking when teaching a particular discipline, assessment of and for thinking, etc. Keynote presentations and workshops can be offered for each of the topics. You can support one or several themes you find useful by covering the costs of invited experts sharing their experience with the participants. 

Exhibiting at the conference
This is an opportunity to share your 'shop window' with delegates. There will be a table, two chairs and power socket for each exhibitor. Two exhibitors per stand will also receive refreshments and lunch during the conference.
Deadline: 15 July
Price: EUR 350 per stand 

The following advertising options are offered:
Advertisement during the virtual event – EUR 200
Promotional flyers / materials in the delegate packs – EUR 250
Promotional presentation relevant to the theme of the conference during the virtual event – EUR 300
Promotional keynote presentation relevant to the theme of the conference during virtual and face-to-face events – EUR 750
Deadline: 1 July

To discuss how your organisation can be involved, please contact the Organising Committee.

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