Conference theme

This conference provides opportunities for learning and networking on various aspects of creativity and thinking in education. We would like to invite professionals working on the 21st century skills, leadership, entrepreneurship, problem-solving, metacognition, creativity and thinking and make a step towards establishing a common ground.

The conference will have a practical focus and the applicants are strongly encouraged to highlight practical implications when submitting their proposals. The proposals should address one of the following themes:

  • Thinking in the national, regional or school curriculum
  • Thinking in a disciplinary curriculum (any subject)
  • Thinking in informal education 
  • Assessment of and for thinking 
  • Teacher education and thinking curriculum
  • Educational policy and thinking curriculum

The conference welcomes policy makers, researchers, teachers, teacher educators and managers involved in various levels of the system of education: from pre-school to tertiary and adult learning. Students, parents and practitioners are also welcome.

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