Rhyming Poem to schools Talent show

Content aim: To write rhyme poem to our schools Talent-show. The whole class of 3rd and 4th graders involved.

We are going to have our schools own Talent competition. We wanted, in our class, to do something together. Poem was suggested.

We have been writing poems before and rhymes ( sunny-funny or small-tall) are familiar to the pupils. We started working in small groups, task was to write at least 3 sentences and time was limited to 10 minutes.

When the time was up, we started to read sentences out loud and I started to queston, what this sentence is about. Pupils started to find out the parameters for env. I give the examples in English even thou the original ones are bit different because the rhymes and words are in different language.

Our class and pupils Our class is funny and everyone is sunny.
Rhyming poem about shcool Our teacher She`s taking care and being fair.
Classroom We have all decorations for easter celebrations.
Subjects Math is nice when you can roll the dice.
Objects in schoolwork I`ve got my pen but now let`s count to ten.


While filling out the env we noticed, that there were more sentences in parameter `our class and pupils` and just a few in `classroom`. That knowlige helped us to fill in the missing parts, so the poem would be balanced between these parameters.

Our Talent competition is still coming and now we are going to focus on the presentation. This was a starting point to the following.


# Hannele Henriksson 2015-04-09 22:19
Sounds interesting and I can't wait to hear your rhyme poem! Also interesting to notice how you can use env-model to create a poem.
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