What we are dealing with seems to be a trivial question. And yet this is the one learners often fail to answer, especially if one asks for more than a mere repetition of the title of a textbook topic. It often takes a very long time to understand the meaning behind such "obvious" things as a sentence in the language classroom or a triangle in a maths lesson. The idea of Stage 1 is to give the learner a chance to "play" with whatever s/he is dealing with. Being able to describe the elements under study via their parameters and values, or building their passports, is the main outcome of this stage.

By the end of working at Stage 1, the learner can do the following:

  • find and recognise the elements s/he is dealing with
  • distonguish between the elements or their forms
  • define the mearning of the elements
  • do all of the above in the context of his/her learning objectives and demand this from all the participants involved in the process


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