How useful are the proposed tools? This is one of the questions asked at the end of the workshop. So far we have received 54 responses. 93% of the participants have found the tools useful or very useful. Please see a detailed summary below.

  • 21 participants (39%) have found the tools very useful.
  • 29 participants (54%) have found the tools useful.
  • 4 participants (7%) have found the tools not very useful.
  • Nobody has said that the tools are not useful at all.

One of the concerns expressed by some colleagues is the time required for the regular use of the tools in the classroom. This is true especially at the beginning when neither you nor your learners are used to the approach. At the same time, the use of the tools shows which aspects require more attention in further work with learners.

Below you can see a few more comments from colleagues who have attended the programme.

The proposed tools should be seen as a long-term solution. One should use them regularly and purposefully.

The proposed tools contribute to the development of general thinking skills of learners. They also help us dig deeper into the essence of the lesson.

The tools are useful if pupils are responsible enough to pose questions and set goals.

The tools help learners understand the problem better and work with it independently.

For me, it is a new level of work at the lesson.

Thank you for a new approach. I must admit that it is not easy and it is not always clear what and how I should do. At the same time, the learners indicated that they enjoyed working like this. It was interesting for them to work independently on solving the problem and obtaining new knowledge.

Even a simple tool for assessing questions can help us evaluate learners’ thinking skills. Given that even the teachers were challenged, we all have room for further learning.

I saw a completely different approach to working with questions of learners and how I can use the tool for monitoring changes in the thinking skills of my learners.

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