This tool is aimed at assessing the quality of parameters proposed by learners. It is a simple version of the tool. It can be useful if: 

● you invite your learners to define parameters when doing tasks in your discipline;
● you believe there are still things to improve about the quality of parameters your learners come up with;
● you would like to learn more about generic ways of improving the quality of parameters learners choose.

To help you decide if your learners need better quality parameters, think how happy you are with the quality of their descriptions and classifications or
the way they structure their products and build models of given situations. If you are not, you can definitely benefit by helping them become more
aware of this aspect of thinking.

Download this file (EN_Tool_Parameters_simple version.pdf)Tool for Assessing Parameters. Simple version[A simple version of the tool for beginning the work on improving quality of parameters proposed by learners.]415 kB
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