Different qualities of things through odd one out games

The language aim- to learn adjectives and improve English vocabulary. 

The thinking aim- to be able to recognize, that the same things can have different parameters.

The group of 6 kids of age 4-5 got 4 pencils, they were asked to add one out (the one which according them did not matched the group).

The first idea was- the one which is the longest. After they came up to a colorful one. And they got stuck. Only after a little while the they found out that one of the pencils has a metal part. Then it left only one pencil. And sudanly somebody got an idea- this pensil has letters on it.

This was the first time to try this kind of activity and the kids learnd to see small detials in the things (even in the once wcich look the same at the first sight).



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