The aim of the task:

  • to practice the beginning sounds;
  • to repeat what is an address and what it consist from.
  • to use solve a problem- we got a letter, we have no address on it and we can not open the envelope, unless we know for who it belongs.

The procedure. The class of 4- 5 year old kids has got a letter. They really want to read it, but they can't- the address is not written exact.What to do:

1st step kids are looking at the envelope. But they can not read it.

2nd step  they trying to read, but they can only recognize sounds- a, d, a.

3rd step they come up with idea, that teacher can read it.The teacher reads anda class. For them that makes no meaning.

4th step they are looking at the envelope again and finds an address on another side of the envelope. They already know, they can ask the teacher to read it. We read- China, Big green forest.

5th step they come with idea this is for Wang Zhou, because the letter is from China. But in front of the letter we can not find his name.They are stuck again. But they try to play with opportunity- who lives in a forest and they are looking on a footprint on the envelope. The kids thing this letter came from an animal in China.

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