October 2014

Having made various observations of TA Teachers, I discovered three main differences that make expert TA Teachers different from non-expert ones (follow this link if you are curious to read my article where the issue is discussed in more details). These are

  • (a) involving students in formulating learning aims;
  • (b) holding qualitative dialogues with students;
  • (c) building spiral-shaped (loop-like) instructions.

Starting my teaching at the University of Strasbourg with my new students, I decided that I will be trying to construct my lessons having in mind these three steps. I am clearly aware that I do not implement TA at all. My main task for the first semester is to learn to make pre-steps for bringing thinking into my lessons. Moreover, my previous teaching experience showed me that I have poor classroom management skills. So this semester I will be focusing on developing these skills as well.
I work with 9 groups of students: four groups of first year management students, three groups of third year law students and two groups of first year master students.

This is a series of my reflections on my new teaching experience.

  1. WEEK 1: October 06-10, 2014 - First Data
  2. WEEK 2: October 13-17, 2014 - Some Notes on Aims and Classroom Management
  3. WEEK 3: October 20-24, 2014 - General Notes
  4. WEEK 3: October 20-24, 2014 - Vocabulary Trap
  5. WEEK 3: October 20-24, 2014 - English Sound System
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