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Part 3       Feedback: Pupil and Teacher Reflections on the Thinking Theme Day

Following on from the ‘Thinking Day’ (Thinking Theme Day, Part 1, Thinking Theme Day, Part 2). All the pupils filled in a feedback and reflection form, which was partly based on questions they’re always asked after theme days and partly based on questions we wanted them to think about afterwards. Here’s a summary of the pupils’ answers: (The first three questions are always asked after a theme day.)


# Irina Buchinska 2013-03-10 19:35
Dear Susan and Ani, thank you for this interesting post. I really like the idea of a Thinking Theme day for the whole school.

I think you did right to involve the students in the very beginning into the discussion of the problem and that they accepted the situstion as a problem which, I believe, motivated them to solve it. It is very important to develop students' positive attitude and interest to problem solving.

I might miss something, but it would be interesting to read what solutions exactly the students offered.

What were the reflections of other teachers on this day?

In general, in my opinion, problem solution is one of the most difficult and exciting area of TA application.

For me it's very difficult to give you any advice on how to change or improve something in such events organisation, as I have never even thought about so big events. I agree with most of your reflections about both positive and negative aspects. You mentioned that there are some smaller things you could work in class, if you do, it will be interesting to discuss them.
# Susan Granlund 2013-03-14 20:34
Thank you for your comments, Irina!

I think this is an exciting area too, but I must admit it's one I really don't know enough about yet. However, we wanted to give this a go anyway.

I think the teachers found the day in some ways interesting, and in some ways difficult, and were surprised in the end at how much the children came up with themselves.

I'll post some of the student solutions soon!
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