Lesson 2. Dealing with Content

This is one part of the reflection on the lesson “Working with TA Text: Jonathan Seagull


Jan 21
Aim: to clarify the content of the text (make sure students understand the main events of the text)


  1. Since the text was pretty difficult, I wanted to make sure students understand the main events. Thus, they were asked to work in groups and identify the main events/ideas of the text. The texts I gave to students were divided by lines, to make it easier to work with it. 7 minutes were given for discussing and putting down the ideas.
Lines Main ideas/events of the text Useful vocabulary
1 - 40    
41 - 95    
96 - 145    
146 - 185    


  1. Groups were asked to share their results and others had to add.
  2. Then students were asked to identify the main events in a hero’s life (connection with the video from the first lesson) to see a similar/different pattern.
  3. Home assignment for the next lesson was task 4.1 from the system of tasks: Mark your favourite places in the text. Put them together on different cards (better printed) and bring to the class. Prepare at least 5 different cards. On a separate sheet of paper put down the reasons for marking each passage.


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