Challenge: To write an invitation to whole school for the trip to the lake near us

Thinking aim: What to take in consinderation to organize a trip

Content aim: Text type invitation

Social aim: Get to know better the new headmaster and the new teacher


Step 1: Training game called the password

First we pick up a pupil in front of the class. We write the word ‘Hiking trip’ behind the pupil for he/she can’t see the word but the rest of the class does. Teacher gives the limitations that the word is something we can do with the whole school (50 pupils). Then he/she starts making questions that can only be answered yes or no. Teacher is writing down asked questions for pupils to see. Finally the word will be discovered.


Step 2: Finding the strong questions

Then the class start to look at the questions more closely and try to find the questions which really helped to figure out the password. From the strong questions we try to build the parameters.


Step 3: Building ENV model as a passport too



a trip

distance from the school  
ways to get there  
food and drink  


Step 4: Finding the values

Class is devided into groups and given to parameters to find the values. Time giving to the task is 10 to 15 minutes. After that we collect the values to fulfill the ENV model.


Step 5: Making a passport of an invitation

What thing need to be said in the invitation that the receivers know how to prepare for a hiking trip to a lake.

time place equipments activities


Step 6: How to organize a trip


# Renata Jonina 2017-02-05 21:20
Thank you for sharing your lesson plan. I have a few questions.
1. Step 2. When you say "From the strong questions we try to build the parameters", do you mean the parameters of the strong question? If yes, do students write them down somewhere in their portfolios so that they could come back to them next time they have to ask a strong question?
2. Step 3. It is not clear how exactly you build that passport. Could you please elaborate?
3. In Step 5 it is also not very clear how you organise it. Do you just write this table on the board and ask students to brainstorm values?
4. In your lesson plan you mention several passports: strong questions, trip, invitation. Do you have any activity that would allow students to connect together the thinking process they did in order to build three different passports? and to reflect on a tool (ENV) which helped them?
Thank you in advance for your answers:)
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