One or two additions to the section on learner reactions and reflections on the task of making a short film of 'Holes'(see Louis Sachar's 'Holes' - making a short film):

The pupils evaluated each other's work. Each group presented their own plan and the audience had to ask tricky questions and try to find possible problems with the plan. This seemed to work well and they noticed a lot of problems, and also noticed that one group had made a very good plan, so it was difficult to criticise it.

I decided in the end to give 'diplomas' to the the best groups, based on both outcome and teamwork. They got 'points' throughout these lessons for good teamwork.

These are the pupil comments on what they found easy and difficult when doing the task:


  • working together
  • thinking up costumes and props
  • planning
  • staying in own role (eg director etc)
  • putting the final plan together


  • Keeping to only 5 scenes to tell the whole story
  • to get all the group members to participate all the time
  • working out how to use the budget
  • thinking about what background props would be needed

As I wrote in the orginial entry on this task, we don't have any more time, but these comments on what was easy and difficult would be a good starting point maybe for a new challenge, and for them to anticipate how they might go about solving the problems that would come up. We / they would have to think more about how to make groupwork better, for example.

I'd appreciate any advice / ideas on how to evaluate thinking tasks and make it as useful as possible for the learners!



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