Old Rauma –project (one week)


2 lessons: 8-9 pupils/each lesson

Aims: All 4 groups write down questions to an expert (a reseacher who studies old buildings) which will help them to build an old house which will be more firesafe than in the old times

“What can you ask when you meet an expert in Tammela?”

Group 1: How can you improve the firesafety? What do you need to know?

Problems that came up

-Which were built first houses or streets?

-Why Old Rauma is a Unesco site?

Group 2: How do you make a roof for a house?

Problems that came up

-How do you fix a roof to the house?

-What material do you use?

-Can I ask about the chimney?

Group 3: How do you build walls?

Problems that came up

-How do the walls stay up?

-How do the walls last for 150 years?

-How can we protect the walls from mould?

Group 4: How do you finish up the house? (windows, doors, painting etc.)

Problems that came up

- What kind of paint can we use? (punamulta)

- How are the lists made around the windows?


Problems that the teacher met

-He had to “help” the groups.

-What tool can I use to help the pupils to form questions?

-How does the teacher formulate the task?

-The trainee has travelled a lot (40 countries!). Could comparison/extreme examples help thinking? ( a hut in Africa/a house in Rauma) – finding the parameters

-The pupils didn’t make as many questions as the trainee thought.

-The pupils had to think but were a bit stuck because they were not offered a good tool.


No reflection took place. The trainee realized that and planned to it the following day.



2 lessons, a trip to Old Rauma, Tammela


Aims: To study Old Rauma houses on the way by taking photos and to interview an expert in Tammela about building wooden houses


Task: Interview the expert, each group had at least 4 questions, everybody asks at least one question

The interview was recorded by the trainee.


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