Yes and no game in Lithuanian as a second language club
Kids- 6 kids o the age of 5-5,5.
The aim of the game- by asking Yes and No questions, to guess what kind of object the leader of a game is thinking.

Description- during Lithuanian language club we played ‘Yes and No’. I used the big picture with many objects and many little cards with the same objects that we can find in a big picture as a materials. Before kids came in to my class I set up a game. It worked very well to motivate them.  
Conclusion- It was a difficult task for this group. It took a while to explain what kind of questions are Yes and no questions. After a while the children started to ask the questions, but they were trying just to guess what it is: “Is it a princess?”, “Is it a tulip?” So we started to play differently. We were sorting things in the groups: animals, plants, things. When we tried to make new groups and so on until they kids started to understand an idea of this game.
Mistakes- I had to high expectations.
Next step- To prepare and play sorting games. To play Yes and No game after a while.


# Alexander Sokol 2011-03-13 21:49
Giedre, may I ask why you've decided to postpone paying yes-no games? Is it because you expected pupils to be able to do more than they managed to do?
One of the reasons I am asking is that yes-no games are often quite motivating for children. Was it like this with your kids? If so, we could probably think about further steps. From what you've described, you clearly reached Step 2 as pupils were stuck by randomly asking questions and trying to guess the object.
# Giedre Juodyte 2011-03-20 16:22
The Yes and No game was like the preassessment. It help to see the opportunities for later. So it made me to thing:
a. about the language (they could not formulate questions in Lithuanian yet, some where not able to name the objects).
b. the task showed that we need to work on making connections (creating groups of things).
So for next lesson I made a sorting game. I am writing the reflection.
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