Hello, Alexander! My question is about the isolation of using your method. Is it possible to use only TA-execises? I've realised that it's appropriate only for developing (for example grammar) skills without explaning new material, drilling and translation execises according to the Traditional method.


# Alexander Sokol 2011-03-08 15:14
Elena, thank you for the question and welcome to the site.

Whether one uses the TA alone or various approaches depends on how she builds the system. Both are possible, I think. Speaking specifically about grammar, the TA can be used for all the stages, in my opinion. Just the stages are different when working with the TA. If it's PPP (Present - Practice -Produce) in the traditional approach, it's identify a problem - develop a rule - apply the rule in the TA. You can write about it in the Creative Grammar Technology section of www.thinking-approach.org website. Please feel free to ask if you've got questions.

It'd also be interesting to have your reflections on the lessons with elements of the TA you've conducted.
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