The last two lessons the class have been busy creating their final mosaics. I typed up our creation algorithm and distributed it to the class. I asked them to check that what they had done so far fitted with this and make any alterations. I have decided to use it for evaluation of the final work, and to try Edgar`s suggestion of getting then to create a mosaic from an image using our algorithm. There isn`t class next week so it will be at least two weeks before I can progress further with this.


# Edgar Lasevich 2011-04-05 09:31
As far as we can follow - you have now created a common algorithm. The usual question here is - how much do you think students created it? And, how much your algorithm is personal for each of them? But these are certainly questions to be discussed later.
For now - what steps do you plan to do next. What will happen when they bring their mosaics? Will you evaluate them? Will you make a gallery and appoint "experts"? Will they exchange works and make "expert evaluation"?
Also, what will happen to an algorithm - any changes, work on it? What do you think?
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