Evaluating Thinking

I want to see if I can evaluate where thinking has taken place in this unit of work, and how it has changed the final outcome of the learners. I will also ask the students to reflect on the process of creating their work, as normal,  but I want to add a section to this reflection sheet that specifically deals with thinking.

Using my reflection guideline sheet as a starting point, I will add questions that hopefully will allow me to measure initially if thinking has taken place, where thinking has taken place and also how this thinking has affected the final art work. The questions will relate specifically to the tasks connected to the ENV model so I can see where my tasks need to be improved or changed.

The questions are:
• Did starting with a sorting task help you in any way?
• In what way did it help/not help?
• What did you learn from doing the sorting?
• Explain how you could use a similar task in future projects
• Reflect on the changes that you made after testing the algorithm
• Did you use your algorithm?
• Where did your algorithm help in creating your poster?
• How did your algorithm help?

Even if there is not evidence to support thinking in the finished posters, then perhaps the place to see this evidence is in the written analytical work undertaken by students. If there is a measurable improvement in their ability to analyze, then this should also manifest itself at some point in the quality of their practical work .



# Larisa Sardiko 2012-03-22 16:35
Gillian, I find it very clear and I am sure, if it is done systematically, it will focus the pupils on the quality.
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