In the first version of this I wrote that technology seemed to be against me this week (no colour printers working, dvd`s not being recognised) and now I managed to saved that version without categorizing it, so it has gone off to live somewhere in cyber-space, and here I am re-writing my reflection.

In the first unit of work, in answer to your question Alexander, I feel that I did not focus enough on ENV, or certainly not clearly enough, and I am still unsure as to the best ways to do it in the new units that I am starting. At the start of new units I always like to try and establish prior knowledge, and to allow students to analyse the art that I am introducing. In this case Grade 6 will be looking at Roman mosaics and Grade 7 will be learning about possible consequences of global warming. I have decided to start with two already established thinking routines - Headlines, and Connect, Extend, Challenge. These two will give me information about where the students`s thinking is at the start of these topics, so I can measure if their thinking has changed at all during the course of the units.

I would also, colour printer permitting, like to include a sorting task but was wondering if there was any other way to include an ENV task at the start of this unit.


# Alexander Sokol 2011-01-10 08:27
Gillian, I managed to recover the first post - please feel free to edit whatever is necessary.
One question re thinking routines. Can you probably say a few words about them, so that it's easier for people to follow you? It'd also be great if you could refer to the thinking task framework we've got on the theory page.
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