PART 3 (find PART 1 HERE)

Writing a strategy for understanding proportion.

Now I will ask the students to write out their understanding of proportion and where they think they may find it useful. lesson...


# Alexander Sokol 2011-03-02 12:02
Deirdre, have you had a chance to get them to write a strategy yet? I wonder what they came up with and whether they had a chance to test it. It'd also be interesting to know if you managed to deal with models / tools that can help students develop a strategy.
# Deirdre Jennings 2011-06-07 16:35
Funny thing, we didn't go on to writing a strategy yet for proportion BUT we will. However we did have awhole school maths assessment and on all proportion based questions the students all scored 7 or higher out of 10 even though we did no revision at all for the test (we were checking to see which ideas have 'stuck' in their heads and which need revision). In other areas/topics it was clear which had been worked on most recently and by which class. Also the test was in maths and the activity on proportion was in science - so it transferred... :)
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