It was an excellent conference!
Lots of ideas to choose from and thoughts to share with people.
I was really glad to be able to hear about the experience of real teachers.
It was a good mix of delegates and variety of talks!
The atmosphere was great, everyone felt free to speak and ask questions.
Many presentations were complimentary and really built upon each other.

As well as the previous year, most participants enjoyed the conference and plan to come back for the next event.

When asked what they are taking back home from the sessions attended, the following answers were provided:

  • There are different approaches to thinking, but the underlying principles are common and give us a strong basis for collaboration
  • Assurance that I am doing good things. Inspiration!
  • Tips for motivating my students and developing their thinking
  • Points from some very good presentations
  • Connections with like minded professionals
  • Some good ideas to implement, some good websites to study and some contacts to use in the future
  • Ideas how to teach, new tasks and ideas
  • New contacts, methods, knowledge
  • Beginner level information on TRIZ
  • Better framework for teacher development
  • Ideas for engaging students
  • New perspectives and a better ideas of the challenges that colleagues face elsewhere
  • Few specific ideas for preschool children that I am going to try
  • Experience of working together with people from different countries
  • Unexpected viewpoints
  • Thought provoking ideas about teacher dispositions
  • The idea of prescient knowledge in preparation of education plans
  • Lots of motivation for further work!

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