97% of the participants evaluated their impression of the conference as good or excellent.
I really liked the space you give for questions and comments after lectures and workshops. 
All the presentations formed a rich picture of teaching thinking skills.
There was a good combination of theory and practical workshops.
I really liked meeting people who are thinking similar things.
I appreciated the opportunity to learn and communicate with colleaues.
I really liked the atmosphere during the event.
I liked that there were many really useful presentations.
The conference was characterized by open-mindedness and possibility to criticize each other's practices
Interactive sessions and being invited to be part of a thinking activity were great. 
Here are a few examples of specific things the participants are taking back home:
  • thinking about what we really mean by thinking;
  • I will focus more on pupils making their own aims;
  • it is important to repeat “a task” and not to rush from one task into another;
  • ideas and inspiration;
  • I had time to talk with colleagues and plan our teaching practices;
  • it was nice to evaluate and develop my own teaching by listening to others;
  • Socratic questioning technique;
  • reflection on my own teaching philosophy;
  • new approaches to teaching thinking;
  • a huge amount of new knowledge, tools and practices;
  • ideas on changing my lessons;
  • methods and procedures for planning and conducting thinking lessons;
  • ideas and inspiration to read more about the thinking competence;
  • willingness to read and think more about bringing thinking to my lessons;
  • very many ideas about own teaching, especially to do with the role of the teacher, the aspect of questioning;
  • renewed enthusiasm and many inspirational ideas from a variety of speakers;
  • that there are many teachers who are thinking about thinking in an applied manner. 

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