About 80% of the participants evaluated their impression of the conference as good or excellent. You can see some of the comments below.

I could define the conference as a conference that bridged theory into practice and raised the voice of lessons learned from different fields and contexts. (Moharram Aghazadeh, Canada)

I think this worked perfectly. The padlet was a new and very nice way of taking part of the other participants' ideas and thoughts. (Ann Pihlgren, Sweden)

Good collegial exchanges. The preparation phase allowed the online sessions to be reflective and allowed an updating of thinking and questioning. One could go back during the discussion days and better understand the contributions of the presenters. (Alex Black, Switzerland)

It's an exchange on critical thinking on an exclusive level. Apart from the possibility of meeting people all the world who are busy thinking about thinking, this is an opportunity to enrich your intellectual background. (Kristof Van Rossem, Belgium)

This conference was a very productive use of time - great to meet new colleagues, and discuss approaches to the thinking curriculum and lessons. I'm grateful that I made time for it. I left with new ideas and lots of notes to try out in my work with teachers! (Anna Ermakova, Georgia)

This was a very informative conference, highlighting some very interesting concepts. Discussions were thought-provoking and materials helped create a greater understanding of content with opportunities to explore more information on each topic. (Lynne Rousom Lee, Canada)

It is a great idea to let the participants read/watch everything beforehand, to give them chance to think it over, to ask questions, to suggest some ideas. (Natalia Elnikova, Ukraine)

The conference addressed current themes in the school from an in-depth angle and with concrete examples. (Simona Farina, Italy)

It was really helpful to see how teachers from all over the world deal with developing the students' thinking skills. We all use different approaches but it is great to learn from each other. I was also surprised to find out that we all struggle with the same problems. (Olga Krasheninnikova, Andorra)


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