Place: Rezekne Music secondary school

Students: Year 1 ( form 10)


Task 1. Find present grammar structures in the texts:

1.“Oh, I haven’t been blind to the fact that more than half of the college girls here have some kind of a car, and I often wished I could get Pat one. I have never been able to, before, but now I guess we can swing it. It will be a saving, too; for she drives back and forth whenever she has a vacation, and saves carfare.” he added, hopefully.

2. It’s a dog’s life. I have been barking for two hours and nobody hears me. Yesterday I didn’t get my Ceasar. I only got leftovers from their dinner. My friends have gone hunting and I am alone. I am in the sitting room and I am just making myself comfortable on this big chair in front of the fireplace. They don’t let me visit Spot next door. I haven’t had a bone since Wednesday. It’s a dog’s life.

Could you, please write your rules about how to choose verb structures to speak about an action in the PRESENT?

Grammar/verb structure










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Task 2. You have read what the dog complains of. What aren’t you satisfied with? Use various present grammar/verb structures. (8 points)

Task 3. Complete the text with the verbs in brackets in present (10 points):

I 1.... (work) as a botanist since graduation. I 2... (teach) students at the university but I also 3... (spend) a lot of time travelling. I  4... (have) some professional success- I 5... (just discover) an unknown orchid in Indonesia. At present, I 6.... (study) a rare Asian plant which Chinese medicine 7... (use) to cure rheumatism. I 8... (collect) leaves and flowers to examine their properties. I 9... (examine) over ten plants so far. I 10... (believe) my job is interesting and useful.

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