These are the sentences one Yr 5 class thought up for describing the dog picture. See Making dog adverts Lesson 1. We used these sentences as a basis for thinking up general parameters for describing a dog.

5A Sentences for describing a dog. 

 The dog is fluffy.                  The dog is blonde. (light-coloured)          The dog eats a whiteball.

 His name is Stick.                               The dog is very happy.                          He’s got big ears.                I love dogs.                                        I want a dog that looks like Stick.          Stick is little.                      He likes dog food.                                The dog’s name is James.                     He’s very lovely.             He’s got brown eyes and a brown nose. He’s got a red and green hat.                He’s got white fur.             He is a little dog.                                 He’s eating a woollen sock.                   She’s got a pink nose.       Her name is Bexsueilkek Junior.            She is a puppy.                                    She’s got light fur.        

She’s got very big ears.                        She can’t speak.                                  He’s got green eyes.          He has a pink nose.                             His name is Bones.                               He eats socks.                   His socks are red.                               The puppy likes bones.                         He is on the sock.              He likes to sleep in the stable.               He lives in the house.                           He’s from Canada.           But now he lives in Finland.                   He’s eight months old.

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