Support Material for the Diary Entry Speaking about the Past (1 & 2)

Speaking about the past (Past Simple/Continous/Perfect).

Fill in the gaps below with one of the forms of the word.

1. It was an important moment in my life as I____________ to town alone. (go)
2. I wanted to jump for joy when he finally_____________ me to marry him. (ask)
3. At the time of her death she______________ on a novel. (work)
4. He________________ a box of chocolate here before my departure. (always keep)
5. She was here, the very person he _____________ so much time and energy and money tracking down. (spend)
6. What ______________ this time last Monday? I tried ringing you several times but couldn't get hold of you. (you do, try) (you do, try)

Write sentences which express the following meaning.

1. _______________________________________________________________
You are asking about the places visited by your friend during the holiday in Italy. (visit)
2. _______________________________________________________________
You are asking a neighbour if she knows anything about the crying that continued the whole night. (cry)
3. _______________________________________________________________
Your son got a bad mark again yesterday. When you ask for the reason why this happened his gives you the straightest answer (not listen to the teacher)
4. _______________________________________________________________
Someone is speaking about the job responsibilities in the first company he worked for. (have to)
5. _______________________________________________________________You telling people about your favourite food in the primary school. (adore) 

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