Support material for the diary entry "Speaking about the Past II. Some General Conclusions".

Draft ENV model for the past tenses


# Irina Buchinska 2011-12-19 22:08
Renata, whose model is it? Yours? Student's/s'?

What is the aim/function of this model?

Do you think it is comfortable to work with?

Don't you think it can be made more user-friendly? :)
# Renata Jonina 2011-12-28 20:48
Irina, that's my model and I am very comfortable with using it and it's very me-friendly:) Guess you see the problem - there is no place for students here. That's why I am saying I do things in the wrong way. But the positive point is that now I see more or less what does it mean ENV model for grammar.
# Larisa Sardiko 2012-01-22 10:01
The main thing, Renata, you feel positive and have the ground on which you feel safe and sure at least one step in front of you.
I have a similar situation: I have created the text ENV model myself and was trying to get the students to create sort of their own. And they sort of have it but actually when it comes to using - I cannot bring them to start consciously using and developing it.
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