Entry test 1

Materials for the article "Working with TA Grammar (Year 2) II."

Fill in the gaps using a verb in brackets and a modal verb if necessary.

1. We ____________ tomorrow but I think it would be better to wait until next week. (come)
2. I’m sure Lisa won't mind if you stay home but I think it ____________ a good idea to let her know. (be)
3. You ____________ thirsty. You’ve just drunk this large coke. (not be)
4. “John, aren’t there any jobs in your firm?” “Mmmm… there _____________.” (be)
5. Let’s do it now, I ______________ time for this in the evening. (not have)
6. We ___________ the train, then the journey would be about two hours. (get)

Write sentences which express the following meaning.

1. ___________________________________________
You are certain about the result of the ice-hockey match. (win)
2. ____________________________________________
You think it is possible that your parents will come to school next week. (come)
3. ___________________________________________
You believe it is impossible for your friend to get into Harvard. (get into)
4. ___________________________________________
You are not sure you have time to meet your friend on Friday night. (have time)
5. ___________________________________________
Your friend tells you not to be upset about the result of the football match as it is possible that such a thing happens to any team.(happen)


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