Entry Test 2

Materials for the article "Working with TA Grammar (Year 2). II"


Task 1. Fill in the gaps below with one of the forms of the word.


  1. Doctor: Your brother is feeling much better now, you ____________ and visit him. (come)
  2. You ______________ something, or else you are nothing. Some of you may find this radical, but it's life. (want)
  3. You ____________ smoke here. Smoking is banned in all public places. (smoke)
  4. The rules are extremely simple. All you ________________ is answer the following three easy questions. (do)
  5. Listen, Jane, you son _______________________ all those private classes, his knowledge is absolutely fine. I am sure he _________________ any university he wants. (be taking, get into)
  6. You _______________ speak like that. You are not a little boy any longer. So, try speaking as mummy and daddy do. (speak)


Task 2. Write sentences which express the following meaning.

1. Company rules are pretty simple, you just __________ at the party. How long you start is completely up to you.
One employee to the other: corporate rules are pretty simple, the only requirement is for you to turn up. (turn up)

2. You ______________ answer now, you can do it tomorrow
Manager: it's not necessary to answer now, think it over and tell me tomorrow. (answer)

3. You __________________smoke at an interview
My advice to you is not to smoke at all at an interview. (smoke)

4. I am going to show you a list of words. You ________________ as many of them as you can.
Researcher: I am going to show you a list of words. It is necessary for you to remember as many words as you can. (remember)

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