Starting point: SORTING GAME: MATERIALS: Lots of pictures of young/adult animals (dogs, cats, elephants, rhino, birds etc), young/adult people, young/adult human and animal cartoons and young/adult human skeletons. Also: Pencils, rubbers, rulers, plain and graph paper.

Challenge after task has reached stage just before progressing to graphs (as an extension). Students are asked to organise 5 human skeletons into order of ages. Youngest to oldest or reverse doesn't matter. BUT they must have the calculations done to defend their choice.

The second picture regarding proportions is NOT shown to the students. It is a reference point for the teacher.

Full description of activity is here:



# Alexander Sokol 2011-02-03 22:20
I've edited it a little to avoid having a large picture on the front page. Can you please continue with the instruction for the task to make it clear to whoever might be reading?
# Deirdre Jennings 2011-02-07 14:28
Thanks for your Alex,
I couldn't get the pic to upload at first without becoming a very thin line on the left of the screen!
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