These are the sheets the students were given to help them build models of atoms :) See instructions below;

The sheet on the left shows 3 empty atom layers and the sheet on the right is electrons to colour and cut out and stick onto the models.

The TA purpose of building the models is to find other 'hidden' variables (parameters). The activity also serves other objectives in learning about electronic configuration, atomic number, mass number, nucleon number, nucleus, protons, neutrons, electrons, etc. and what these numbers can tell us! I could of course just show them models but it doesn't 'stick' in the same way as actively making them :)

Instructions: Cut out one atom first (cut our around the largest of the three circles). Check which 6 elements you have been assigned. Look up the element on the periodic table and note the atomic (smaller number) and mass numbers (bigger number). In the centre of the smallest circle draw another circle for the nucleus and write the number of protons (p) and neutrons (n) inside it. Write the element symbol inside also.

The smaller number is the number of protons (+) and this also tells us the number of electrons (-) in the atom. If we get the difference between the two numbers it tells us the number of neutrons :)

Cut out the number of electrons which you need for your atom model. Colour them in a brightly and out a BIG minus sign (-) in the middle of each one. Now fill up the electron layers (use glue to stick the electrons on) starting from the lowest (inside one). Remember each layer has a maximum number of electrons so when the first layer is full (max. 2) start on the second layer (max. 8) and then the third (max. 8) and so on.

Complete all 6 models and bring into class tomorrow to use them!


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