Describing an animal through its appearance

Subject: Finnish

Grade: 3rd or 4th


  • finding descriptive words for an animal`s appearance

  • finding names (concepts) for values of appearance

  • increasing vocabulary

  • using ENV as mind map


  • using ENV tool for sorting and finding names for values

  • finding more detailed, new parameters for original, known feature-> coming towards more specific details

  • using pairwork as a method towards succesful sharing and helping each other with the task

These attached worksheets are both for the teacher to plan the lesson and for the pupils to do independent and pair work. Here is only one lesson but you can use the idea for series of lessons . I suggest here three lessons:

Lesson 1: Pupils can collect a bank of good descriptions of an animal´s appearance. You can make a passport of what is relevant and important to describe well an animal. This is lacking from the attached worksheet and would be useful improvement.

Lesson 2: Using worksheets TASKS 1 and 2-> inpependent and pair work of finding features from the parameter of appearance. Here are two worksheets because partners need different pictures in their worksheets.

Lesson 3: Using worksheet TASKS 3 and 4 -> individual and pair work describing an animal through sentences and figuring out what kind of animal it would be.

Download this file (Imaginary Animal 1.pdf)Imaginary Animal (picture 1)[sorting and ENV ]305 kB
Download this file (Imaginary Animal 2.pdf)imaginary animal (picture 2)[sorting and ENV]301 kB
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