Grade:         3rd or 4th

Subject:      Mother language (here Finnish)

Aim:             - Finding answers to questions

-Noticing different types of questions and noticing that finding answers to some may take more thinking, sharing and time

- Working together and finding it useful

Tools:           -Story (here a traditional Finnish folktale: Hölmöläistarina Rahakirstun vartiointi)

                      -Worksheet per pair and everyones notebooks

                      -Bloom´s taxonomy posters and pair work rules on the blackboard.

  1. Teacher reminded of pair work rules and introduced questions levels (Bloom taxonomy poster)

  2. Pupils read the story – aloud together or in silence

  3. Pupils worked together: they had questions on the worksheet together and their own notebooks for answering questions

  4. Shared class reflection in the end of the lesson: what questions where more difficult to answer than others? What kind of questions need more thinking? What kind of thinking?

- Add: Worksheet of questions (Bloom`s taxonomy)



Download this file (Questions from story.pdf)Worksheet for questions on a story[ ]187 kB
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